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COVID-19- Safety Protocols and Guidelines

WhiteZ Dental is quite strict in following all the safety measures that are associated with the Indian Dental Association.

Every individual who enters the clinic will need to have their temperature checked. Only after ensuring an average body temperature will the person be allowed to enter our center.

It will be mandatory for every patient, along with the people accompanying them to wear head caps, foot covers, gloves, and face masks. We make provision for all these at our sanitization station to prevent the spread of any viral infections.

All our doctors and responsible staff will keep themselves fully equipped and geared with personal safety equipment based on the IDA guidelines.

We will be disinfecting the operating area and contact surfaces following every treatment.

We will never miss following social distancing, and we will also provide an adequate sitting arrangement to maintain complete safety. We request all our clients to be punctual to avoid overcrowding in the waiting area.

Air purifiers have also been installed to make sure that air containing aerosol particles is not circulated. We are also advising our clients to reschedule their cosmetic procedures for the time being to avoid aerosol contamination.

COVID-19- Safety Protocols and Guidelines