Dr. Saurabh Gupta

Founder and Director, WhiteZ Dental Clinic Education Director, IAOCI, USA

Dr. Saurabh Gupta has a Master’s Degree in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery from RGYHS College, Bangalore. He completed his graduation at the renowned Manipal College of Dental Science, Manipal, India. He is a trained professional in multiple surgical disciplines, which include Digital and Laser Dentistry and Implantology.

He is an international and national lecturer and is the Board Member/Education Director of ‘The International Academy of Ceramic Implantology.’ This academy is the USA’s first body to work on metal-free implantology. 

He is a dynamic personality and a member of The Zirconia Implant research Group (ZIRG), which aims to orient and lead research work in the field of metal-free implantology and provide support to established and young clinicians in scientific and clinical research. He is an indispensable part of the ‘Bio-ceramic Division’ at ‘The American Ceramic Society,’ Ohio, US. He is also the Academic Collaborator at IISc (The Indian Institute of Science), Bangalore, working on several significant Research and Development projects.


He is also the ambassador and fellow at ‘The Cleaning Implant Foundation, Germany,’ and the body aims at assessing the quality of products and cleanliness of implant surfaces that are available in the commercial markets. He is a member of the advisory board for ‘The Journal of Oral Ceramic Implantology’ (ISSN2293-7897). He is the clinical specialist at COHO Biotechnology, Taiwan. Currently, he is actively working on several research studies focusing mainly on digital dentistry and implant materials.

Prof. Dr. Harsh Jain (M.D.S)

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Harsh Jain is a renowned Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon with more than 15 years of experience.

His specialties include:

  • Dental Implantology
  • Maxillofacial surgical procedures
  • Craniofacial clefts surgeries
  • Cosmetic jaw surgeries

Dr. Roli Jain [ M.D.S]

She is a renowned and experienced Endodontist and Cosmetic Dentist specialized in Cosmetic Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment, and Laser Dentistry.

She is also specialized in Restorative Dentistry, Tooth Bleaching, and Veneers Laminates Crown And Bridge.

Dr. Gouthami Datta

Endodontist and Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Gouthami Datta is a well renowned endodontist and Cosmetic dentist in Bangalore, India. She is graduated and post graduated from Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences, Bangalore. Master in Dental Surgery (MDS) in the field of Endodontics (Root Canal) and Restorative Dentistry (Cosmetic/ Restorations/ Laminates). 

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