Nobody wishes to lose their teeth at any point in their lives. However, it is not a permanent problem anymore. We have a dental implant system that offers reliable and safe methods for the replacement of teeth. We ensure that your new tooth feels and looks natural, permitting you to live with enhanced confidence.

By far, the best option for replacing single or multiple teeth permanently is dental implants as they replace an old tooth completely at the crown and root level. The root of this implant is referred to as an abutment and is designed using a biocompatible metal named Titanium. It is quite sturdy, and the human body readily accepts it when compared to other types of metal. A secure foundation is ensured by placing the abutment in the gum. The top of the implant is made from ceramic, giving your new tooth a natural look.

Zirconia Dental Implants Specialists

Dental implants are the best solution today for smile restoration for people suffering from lost or missing teeth. Traditionally, these implants were made of Titanium, which was embedded within the jawbone providing a supporting bed to the denture, bridge, or the crown. This completely replaces the tooth structure, right from the crown to the root. Titanium implants are biocompatible and safe, but people are suffering from sensitivities or allergies, or the ones who do not desire metal implantations in their bodies were seeking an alternative solution. Thus, WhiteZ Dental feels proud while offering Zirconia dental implants for such patients.

Advantages of Zirconia Dental Implants

Zirconia implants are metal-free and are advantageous in several ways:


These implants have a whitish color. This is good for patients who have thin gums or are susceptible to receding gums. In olden days, Titanium implants had a greyish tone or were made of visible metal.

Resist Corrosion

The biocompatible nature of Zirconia implants makes them corrosion resistant. Metals are corrosive in life, mainly when they are in proximity to another metal like in the case of amalgam restoration or filling. Also, fluoridated water leads to corrosion of metal fast.


These implants are poor conductors of electricity and thus decrease the growth of bacteria resulting in a healthy mouth and better hygiene.

Holistic dentistry

Zirconia implants are the best for patients following holistic principles to maintain their health. This is because these implants do not obstruct the movement of energy within the body.

Durability and Strength

Zirconia has an outstanding level of tensile and flexural strength, which makes them capable of withstanding biting forces and pressures while speaking and chewing.

One-Piece Design

Traditionally, dental implants were linked with an abutment, which was then attached to the denture, bridge, or crown for support. The association between the abutment and implant created a suitable environment for the proliferation of bacteria. It results in bacterial growth in the mouth and poor hygiene. On the other hand, Zirconia implants have a one-piece design that decreases the growth of bacteria to promote healthy gums and better oral health.

It is also true that Zirconia implants, apart from offering a set of new advantages, also cover the ones that traditional implants are known to provide. The stability and comfort of restorations that are supported by implants cannot be matched with any of the conventional measures of tooth restoration. In the case of tooth loss, the jawbone fails to get the required stimulation from the roots of the tooth resulting in bone loss. Thus, any dental implant designed from Titanium or Zirconia helps in replacing the origins of the natural tooth. It restores the stimulation to the jawbone, which then safeguards the entire jaw from undergoing any atrophy.