The oral health of a child is essential and we would like to share some information on this topic too.

  • Stages of Teeth Development
  • Importance of nutrition and harmful diets
  • Assessment of risks associated with cavities
  • Examination of gums and cheeks
  • Solutions related to Teething
  • Oral care at both office and home visits

Pediatric dentists at WhiteZ Dental recommend that children must visit a dental clinic every six months. It will help a dentist to document and understand the oral development pattern and growth of your child. Constant care helps in maintaining good oral health for a child.

Importance of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth play a significant role in the general health of the human body. They help provide the child with the required nutrition as they are active agents of their 1st digestion process.

  • They give the child a confident smile and boost their self-esteem
  • Cavities can occur in both young and milk teeth due to improper immunity development
  • Milk teeth play the role of preserving adequate space in the mouth for a child’s permanent set of teeth
  • They also boost the standard development of a child’s facial bones and muscles